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“Out West with Buffalo Bill,” Gregory Hinton, Author, Filmmaker & Independent Scholar

The words ‘heterosexual and homosexual” did not surface in the cultural vernacular until the early 1900’s. William F. Cody was as “unprejudiced as a man could be” according to prominent western historians. Was Buffalo Bill “gay” friendly before the word existed? Based on Gregory Hinton’s scholarship  as a 2011 BBHC Resident Fellow, his Points West Summer 2012 article  “Out West with Buffalo Bill” examines Cody’s cordial acquaintanceships with flamboyant Irish poet, lecturer & playwright Oscar Wilde; and acclaimed 19th Century French painter Rosa Bonheur, who carried a government permit to dress like a man.


“Out West with Buffalo Bill.” Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, WY, December 16, 2011. Gregory Hinton, Author, Filmmaker & Independent Scholar.